Ministry Training Courses

The UK comprises a number of Gospel Partnerships, within which various training courses are run for everyday Christians. These cover biblical studies, basic theology, ethics and apologetics, Bible handling, ministry skills and the like.

I am employed part time by the Sussex Gospel Partnership to assist in teaching on its courses. Details can be found here. If you live in or near Sussex, do consider enrolling. If you don't, and there is nothing similar near where you live, you could consider the Moore College distant learning courses.

Below, I will add links intended to help those on the course I teach, but that may be useful to others too. These are very selective. And my lecture notes will only be included where they are particularly full.

Handout on gender and sexuality
Handout for my lecture "Issues in Genesis 1-11"
An old-earth creation model for the origin of humanity [external]
Buy 40 questions about creation and evolution

Bible overview
Some background to the material on the perfected kingdom:
What to expect until Christ returns
What to expect when Christ returns
What to expect if you die tomorrow
What to expect in the new creation

Two views on infant baptism
How to lead church gatherings
A checklist on planning gatherings

Handout for my lecture "An overview of the book of Romans
Thoughts on what Paul means by "The Righteousness of God"
Thoughts on Law and Spirit in Paul
Thoughts on the link between law and justification in Paul
Buy Christopher Ash's superb "Teaching Romans" vol 1 and vol 2

Booklist for local church ministry